Alabama’s Premiere SEO Service

Alabala is Alabama’s premiere SEO service. We do not just get you ranked on the top positions of Google but get you more clients and sales.

Yes, its no more about just ranking on #1.

We here at Alabala analyze your site for a complete week and see how Google reacts to your posts.

Then we sketch a strategy that helps you gain more customers.

We do not focus on the general public but on people who are potential buyers for your business.

Lets say that you run a supplement business. Your goal is to sell your supplements. Therefore we do not entertain people who are just looking for info about your supplement. We only target people who have their credit card ready for purchase.

This might sound impossible at the beginning. But our keyword process ensures that we weed out poor performing keywords and target only money making keywords.

For the past four and half years we have several clients ranging locally from Alabama and others globally. We have also taken clients from Singapore and Malaysia.

Most of our clients are ecommerce stores. Somehow we resonate with these kind of customers. Other clients are dentists, lawyers, florist, pest control and other usual services that you find in every city.

Unfortunately, we do not provide any guarantee. However, we are confident that your traffic will increase when we start working on your sites.